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The company was founded on December 15 2014. It was born out of the need to create and manufacture quality products based on alpaca fiber, focusing them on an existing market niche but not entirely. Developing products for daily use and wildlife in the mountains for the Scandinavian Nordic market. Our intention is to position ourselves as leaders in this garment market, for a specific demanding audience related to life in the countryside and nature lovers. 


Our headquarters is located in the central region of Trøndelag,Norway. Thats where we design, test and give creativity to our products which will be manufactured by our professional production team in Peru. Thats our country of origin and together we give life to new ideas, and high quality products for you. Our vision will always be in harmony with nature because thats where we come from, and thats where we want to go.

Moises & Hanne Matos, the founders

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